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Vendor Rules and Regulations 
  • Soul Food Festival Inc. also does not offer exclusivity to vendors.
  • All vendors must be approved and registered with Soul Food Festival, Inc.
  • Anyone not complying with these rules and regulations will be escorted from the Festival areas. 
  • Soul Food Festival Inc. reserves the right to review any exhibit or work of art considered inappropriate, and reserves the right to ask the offending vendor to correct an inappropriate exhibit or work of art or to leave the festival.  
  • Exhibit spaces are 12x12 and WILL include electricity outlets. If you need more than a 12x12 area, you  will be charged for additional space. 
  • Vendors are to provide their own 100' extension cord, tables, chairs, canopies, and lights. 
  • Space assignments are determined based upon the best interest of the Festival, on a "first come, first serve" basis.
  • This contract neither implies nor grants any preferential location.
  • All exhibitors are responsible for collecting Florida Sales Tax on all items sold and submitting payment to the Department of Revenue.
  • Due to our planning expenses, there will be no refunds or cancellations as a result of inclement weather. No rain checks will be made.
  • Please keep the surrounding area clean of trash. Animals and/or alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed in the exhibition area.
  • Electricity for the Sould Food Festival will be made available at NO additional fee (where available). Vendors will have access to (1) 110V outlet, up to 2,000 watts. Vendors are responsible for covering all cables and wires in their booth. They must be covered at ALL times. Extension cords, splitters, etc... will NOT be provided. Please plan to bring a minimum 100' of extension cord and any additional equipment you may require.    
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